Kirstine ilum is a freelance performer and emerging dance maker based in Scandinavia.

Photo by Uggi Kaldan

”..Humoristic, impressive dancing to four big stars...

..this is elegant choreographic craftwork.”

Susanne Trudsø, Byen Kalder DK 2009



Babalu/babaloo 2013

a NEW COLLABORATION with Marek Zawalski

The next performance Babalu/babaloo by Kirstine Ilum and Marek Zawalski is an interactive childrens performance about the huge kleft between rich and poor. The rehearsals start in september 2013.


Exposed. Left out. Alienated. Alone.

Premiere 30th of January 2013

A reaction to the inhuman immigration systems of Europe.

Four dancers throw themselves out in a raw, brutal, physical and tempo filled performance by choreographer Kirstine ilum when exploring pressing, present and sometimes tragic parts of our human society.

Dark poetry mixed with an appeal for reflection when alienation in our society is being put in the spotlight.

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...Nobody is so far from cute, so unafraid as Kirstine ilum in the Danish Dance world. An eruptive force...

Tanz - Das Jahrbuch 2011