Kirstine ilum teaches both professional classes and workshops for amateurs.

Her most popular class is floor orientated, based on release techniques using elements from martial arts and acrobatics.  Kirstines core values in short are to combine the alignment of the body with the connection to the floor and adding awareness of the breath to accomplish greater strength and explosivity. Simple movement patterns using breath and speed, gradually building up to become more complex and explosive.

It is an advanced powerclass, building stamina and strength.  

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Dance classes and workshops

Pilates and personal training

Kirstine Ilum is a certified Body control pilates teacher.

She offers pilates classes in small groups or private lessons.

Kirstine also teaches at the Frida Halqvist studio of Pilates in Copenhagen -read more here

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. Pilates improves your posture, and is a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension.

“In ten sessions you´ll feel the difference, in twenty you´ll see the difference, and in thirty you´ll have a new body.”  - Joseph Pilates

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Photo by Henning Sjøstrøm