Kirstine ilum

Kirstine is one of Scandinavias young and emerging choreographers. She has long been interested in choreographing, but only recently began producing her own works, which have been well received by both press and public.

Kirstine is driven by the urge to tell stories and often incorporates spectacular movement aesthetics according to the conceptual framework of the pieces. This makes her work powerful, interesting and energizing to watch.

... a choreographic talent has had a flying start...

Majbrit Hjelmsbo, Weekendavisen, DK 2009

...Nobody is so far from cute, so unafraid as Kirstine ilum in the Danish Dance world. An eruptive force...

Tanz - Das Jahrbuch 2011

Kirstine has always had a preference for physically demanding movement forms and has among other experience with Parkour, Capoeira, stunt work, and competitive gymnastics.

This preference and urge to be physically challenged brought her to work for the Canadian choreographer André Gingras in 2003 - 2010

Prior to her graduation, BA-Hons in performing arts, from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England in 2002, Kirstine was a competetive gynmast, and won many championships with her local gymnastic club back home in Silkeborg, Denmark. Kirstine started her gymnastic training already at 8 years old, and decided to move seriously into dance at the age of 20.

Since completing her dance training, her work as a performer has allowed her to travel far, through many places and genres. She has danced for choreographers and theatres as diverse as André Gingras, Jelena Kostic, David Parsons, Madeleines madteater, Gladsaxse teater, Uppercut dance theatre, Harakiri Farmers and Mute-Comp physical theatre.

Kirstine is also an active member of the Danseudvalget under the Danish Actors association, an organization that deals with political issues in dance and performing arts in Denmark.

Photo by Uggi Kaldan